A New, Artificially Intelligent Hologram Was Just Born


VNTANA and Satisfi Labs have announced a new platform that will allow businesses to develop a hologram concierge to be used in business. The project fuses artificial intelligence (AI) with augmented reality (AR) technology to produce a 3D persona that can interact with customers.

“Our hologram technology has helped numerous brands better connect and engage with their consumers, and we are thrilled to offer this new addition on our platform,” said Ashley Crowder, VNTANA’s CEO and co-founder, in a press release.

She continued, “By partnering with Satisfi, we are able to integrate AI and AR for the first time, so our holograms can interact with consumers on a more advanced level, while using our trusted platform to track data to create more personalized experiences and advertising.”

There are companies that already use AI concierge services to field questions and queries from customers. However, this project would pair those natural language processing capabilities with a physical presence.

VNTANA offers up the example of a sports team creating a hologram of their star player to lead fans to their seats on game day. A hotel might create an “employee” that could handle the check-in procedure and make dinner reservations through conversation alone; a “human” interface.

What’s more is that VNTANA’s platform is capable of collecting data from these interactions to produce marketing insights based on the clientele.


When the likes of Siri and Alexa first hit the scene, many users were reticent to speak to their devices. However, just a few years later, this kind of technology is much more widely accepted. VNTANA and Satisfi Labs hope that they can do the same with this hologram concierge service.

It seems likely that the success or failure of the project will be in its execution. A hologram that acts like a pushy sales assistant could come off as pushy instead of approachable, creating a bad first impression for holograms. However, this possibility is being taken into account in the technology’s design.

The platform will use a facial recognition system to gauge reactions. VNTANA will offer a sentiment analysis module post-launch that will allow for “distressed” customers to be directed toward a non-hologram contact.

Satisfi Labs’ CEO and co-founder Don White described this is an “unprecedented opportunity” for the development of holograms as well as AI: “Consumers will be transfixed by the technology and will truly appreciate the ease and intelligent interaction they can have with the hologram.”


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