• Client:
  • Diana Unicharm Vietnam
  • Location:
  • Date:
  • 2017


  • To raise awareness & get engagement on Diana Sensi Cool Fresh nationally

  • To highlight & illustrate the product USP

  • To maximize the product messages through-the-line


To illustrate the cool fresh feature of the product, we created the “Hành trình -5 độ” Ice Truck with the IceHouse as key activities that decorated wonderfully with ice and beauty corner for the target audience to experience and selfie. In same format, we got the journey rolling through 7 key cities of Vietnam, North to South.  We also invited KOLs and influencers locally to check-in and spreading out on social. Along the way, the sampling tours was activated at schools, universities, mall, and cinema) locally. In the last station - Can Tho, we held the ICE-FEST concert with top Vpop stars that broadcast on TV and Vlive to wrap-up and celebrate the whole campaign.


  • Brand awareness of Diana Unicharm and Sensi Cool Fresh brand increase both nationally and locally as product feature conveyed excitingly.

  • The ICEFest concert created the big buzz on PR & online

  • Sales increase tremendously as the campaign activated

  • KPI:

  • 65,000 samplings for 70 venues (School, university, Shopping mall, cinema)

  • 8,000 IceHouse tickets for 7 key provinces

  • 9,500 ICEFest Concert tickets redeem in just 10 days

  • Huge impression and more than 43,000 participants engage in the campaign.