IMC Today TV - 10th Year Anniversary

  • Client:
  • IMC Group
  • Location:
  • Hà Nội - Tp.HCM - Cần Thơ
  • Date:
  • 2018

IMC Today TV - 10th years Anniversary


  • Cần Thơ: 22/4/2018 @ Can Tho Stadium
  • Hà Nội: 24/5/2018 @ Center of Hanoi
  • HCM: 7/7/2018 @ Military Zone 7 Competition Zone

Target: Nationwide

  • Married Women from 27 – 40++ 
  • Young people: 13 – 29++
  • Bến Bờ Yêu Thương (life) @ Cần Thơ
  • Bốn Mùa Yếu Thương (nature) @ Hà Nội
  • Dạ Khúc Yêu Thương (belief & hope) @ Hồ Chí Minh


IMC concert is serie-events that are held every year with the objective of appreciating IMC’s audiences' support.  And 2018 is also the special occassion of the 10th-year anniversary of IMC.

We define 3 challenges that help us to create an unforgettable event and make the winning point certain:

  • We must make an emotional story that build love and trust for the concert journey through 3 big cities Cần Thơ – Hà Nội – Hồ Chí Minh.
  • Turn the events into the strategic channels that support recruiting more viewers for IMC television channels


We create the big concept: The Journey of Love - Hành Trình Yêu Thương with an objective to collect millions of love moments of Vietnamese. 3 big cities Cần thơ, Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh become the representative destinations that complete the journey and spread the love and share about life, nature, belief & hope. Those subjects are also the story of each city’s concert:

Each story has the big investment in terms of content, singers, props, stage effect, stage design … to curate a deep impression about the entertaining world of IMC.

To make the event integrated, online and offline activities are put together to push up the spirit of the journey to everyone.


IMC 10th years - "The journey of love" breaks the last record of attendees and viewers with the attendance of 30 top celebrities, more than 100.000 audiences and millions of viewers via TV and livestream channels.

IMC celebrates its 10th years anniversary with unforgettable event and Square is very proud of being a part of it.


Videos and photos


Link livestream Can Tho:

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