Samsung Kiến Tạo Tương Lai 2018

  • Client:
  • Samsung Vietnam
  • Location:
  • HCMC
  • Date:

Participant: Students

KOLs: Đông Nhi, Hứa Vỹ Vân, Đức Phúc, Quang Vinh, Khánh Vy, Hồ Quang Hiếu, Hoàng Yến Chibi, Min, Issac, Erik

Platform: “15s Khám Phá” app @


  • To let student understand the mission of Samsung: Your Future – Our Vision.
  • To inspire student on learning in different way via Samsung innovative products and with “15s Khám Phá” app.


  • Create an engaging journey around key universities and high schools via “15s khám phá” bus and ‘kool’ scientist team to let student interact with the game app directly, offline.  
  • Maximize the use of Samsung products (mobile, Gear VR, tablet,) as tools to connect people, upgrade life, and thus deliver the message of creating a better future.


  • App download increase to over 5000
  • More than 5000 clips uploaded on the website and shared on social for learning inspiration
  • Offline Reach: over 10.000 students