Samsung Partner Summit 2019

  • Client:
  • Samsung
  • Location:
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Date:


  • To show appreciation to all Samsung partners
  • To review annually the performance 2019 and share the strategy of 2020 
  • To update new product, market to partners. 
  • To give special treatment and bonding activities for all value partners. 


  • Rush timing for preparing performances, production, logistic
  • High requirements for delivering 6 lines of sub-brands in different spirit to key partners
  • CGV layout was also challenged to place items, corners


  • The theme: the city is lighted up by the achievement of Samsung product, which brought attendants to the new success in the future. 
  • Operated in 2 different venues: the cinema for business review, reward and product display, the restaurant for dining party and bonding activities. We needed to make customer flow flexible. Smart decoration for each sub-brand
  • In terms of product placement, we creatively adapted high standard content to highlight the application of Samsung's products: working, commercial, hospitality, fashion… 
  • Last but not least, we also create a bonding atmosphere with activities for attendants from the beginning to the end of the show: tea break, lucky draw, entertainment performances… 


  • Demo tour inspired everybody with creative flow and amazing display. 
  • Leveraged partners and Samsung’s staff's experiences to the fullest and let them take on the new vision for a great year ahead.