The future of VR

Fresh from CES 2017, this is the full round up of some seriously cool ecosystem hardware, experiences and platform upgrades for the HTC VIVE VR. It’s new “Tracker” combined with a hose of partner companies is now on show for everyone to see exactly what you can create with the VIVE.

You’ll notice a big emphasis on the new haptic VR guns too, with mobility backpacks and remote trackers as something that even small-er businesses will be able to take on and create VR experiences for customers, at highly affordable prices vs larger commercial operators.

“The Vive Tracker is the first step in growing an ecosystem of third-party accessories that will change how we interact with virtual experiences and provide consumers and businesses with an unlimited amount of content opportunities,” Said Vive general manager Daniel O’Brien.

Spec wise you ask? The Tracker itself is just 85 grams, diameter of 99.65mm, and a height of 42.27mm. The device was shown off with a number of big accessories and partners… including the World’s First VR Camera, VR guns and rifles, haptic feedack gloves, baseball bats and even accessories for firefighter training from a university in Australia. Find out more here.

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